Self-storage investing is lucrative in any economy with opportunities in almost any location across the U.S.

Investment Strategies

Why Invest in Self Storage

During good times and bad times, the self-storage industry does better than many other types of real estate. According to The Self Storage Association, 1 in 10 people in the U.S. use storage. Whether down-sizing, moving, or desiring to store those special items, people and businesses look to self-storage to fulfill those needs.

As our population increases, there is increased need to rent storage space. In addition, low operating costs, low risk, and high cash flow present a unique opportunity for the owner-operator or investor.

As the world becomes more connected, self storage businesses are growing across the globe.  Third world nations are now building and using self storage units to hold and warehouse inventory that was not available previously.  This growth industry offers unique opportunities for investment. You don’t want to miss out!

Our Strategy for Investing

Queen City Capital Partners is an acquisition company seeking self- storage facilities. Our investment goals are to produce a high rate of return, significant cash flow, significantly increase investment value and manage investment risk.

Our company is unique in that we decisively implement our strategies, focus on niche markets, and treat people with respect and compassion.

Become a Part of Our Elite Investor Team

A  key to our investment strategy is to build a relationship with you. Yes, there are contracts and legal requirements, but we still believe that a handshake is our word. Through our relationship with you, we can decisively deliver on your acquisition or investment goals. Contact us to learn more.  Contact Us