Self-storage investing is lucrative in any economy with opportunities in almost any location across the U.S.

by Samuel Brewer


“Self storage”, also known as “self-service storage” or “mini-storage” is an industry which provides storage facilities, such as rooms, containers, lockers or outdoor space to tenants, either on rent or on lease. This kind of self storage facility is used for both personal as well as business purposes of storing and accessing their goods. However, unlike at a warehouse, the self storage facilities do not allow quick access to the storage space, which is usually secured under the supervision of the tenant himself.

If you are a seasoned investor and looking forward to investing in a growing market, which will provide you with guaranteed return on investment (ROI), then self storage is a good investment option for you. Actually, a good investment is the one which is in a growing phase, promises guaranteed returns, and belongs to a market which has low entry and exit barriers. Investing in self storage facilities will provide you with all these advantages as compared to all other kinds of investments in commercial property. In addition to this, the investor does not face any development risk since there is a high availability of mini-storage units, which are ready to be rented out along with low operating costs, thus maximising the return on investment (ROI). The ROI rates offered on most of these storage facilities are quite comparable to those offered on bank accounts or some other traditional investments.

There is also a lot of flexibility in terms of the unit sizes and packages that are available, ranging from a very small size to large units and packages. Moreover, strong demand for these mini-storage units provides for quite a robust re-sale market, which is bound to remain attractive even during times of an economic downturn.

by Samuel Brewer



There is no doubt about the fact that, in the recent times, the self-storage industry seemed to have expanded massively in various parts of the world. Talking about the United States alone, an estimate of 40,000 self storage facilities exist in the market today. Experts call this is a serious growth in the history of self-storage facilities both in the United States and in the rest of the world.
It is anticipated that this industry will further have its trend of expansion going and strengthen its bond in several countries worldwide since homeowners and business owners are madly in pursue of storage places that could keep every kilogram of their excess stuff outside their residential and commercial premises, but inside a really safe and secure storage.
The statistics of the recent few years show that many home owners and business owners have moved to smaller residences and workplaces respectively in order to curtail costs in these strict recession periods. Logistics businesses that find it difficult to manage stocks within their existing stores or office premises can hire self storage facilities on way cheaper rates as compared to vacant warehouses. Actually, warehouses cost a lot more because of their large space demand more costs as compared to self-storage facilities that provide free storing space according to your needs.
Manufacturing businesses get benefitted by self-storage facilities in such a way that they can move their surplus machineries and equipments to the storage area where the machines will remain safe from theft, damage, dust, and moisture. Manufacturing business can store their raw materials and finished products inside a storage facility rather than any warehouse that costs thrice more the price of self storage facilities making it the best low cost storage solution for manufacturers.
More results show that homeowners, who have crowded their residence with more possessions because of their growing families, opt for self storage facilities to keep their unnecessary belongings and durables in a safe and secure storage area out of their houses. In addition, the DIY tasks that people practice in their home require them to have materials and tools, which take a considerable amount of space of any store room within the home. Therefore, this kind of people would also find self storage facilities as their comforting friend in managing unnecessary stuff and keeping it safe throughout the storage period.
There are some self storage facilities that provide shelter and safety for your unused cars, motor bikes, documentation, clothes, etc allowing you to free a lot of space in no time from your premises to bring in the most useful stuff. This provides a good return on investment for investor since the value of the goods that you have securely stored is in hundreds of thousands while the rent you would pay in return is even negligible.